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Sensory Processing Disorders


Sensory Processing Disorders or SPD, formally known as Sensory Integration Dysfunction or SID, can affect all aspects of life as it may involve any or all of your senses.


Sensory problems result when the brain is unable to integrate certain information received from the body's five basic sensory systems.  When the sensory processing of the muscles and joints are impaired, posture and motor skills are affected.  These children may be called ‘floppy’ or a ‘klutz’ or even worse.  If a child’s sensory perception is overactive, they might be labeled ADHD and perhaps improperly medicated.

While SPD is most often diagnosed in children now that awareness is increasing, many adults have suffered all their lives with SPD.  They may have had problems at work in concentration, sitting still, etc. They may also have had problems in relationships and even in recreation.  This may lead to social isolation, depression, underachievement and other problems.

YourSensorySolutions.com is here to help!  

We offer many products to aide individuals in:

  • Helping to ‘even out’ the sensory overload or sensory under-load

  • Calming an individual

  • Engage in the space around them

  • Make sense of small or large areas

  • Fine motor skills

  • Gross motor skills

  • And Much, Much More!!!

Our toys and products are fun and engaging for:

  • Ages 0-100 and beyond!

  • Children & adults with many, many different diagnoses such as Asperger’s Syndrome, Pervasive Developmental Disorder, Fragile X Syndrome, Down’s Syndrome, Rett’s Syndrome, Autism, the list is endless.


Ten Counter Sensation Products
Vibrasonic Massage Brush
Sensation Products
Giant Vibrating Turtle
- 19 x 18
3 Bubble Border Lumindisk Light Panel -
Responds to Touch,
Voice and Music
Abilitations Integrations
PresSure Vest
$35.99 DETAILS > $17.99 DETAILS > $69.99 DETAILS > $84.99 DETAILS > $39.99 DETAILS > $59.99 DETAILS >
Physio-Roll Exercise
Therapy Fitness Ball -
33 inch - Red
Integrations Six-Leg
Ball Chair -
21 1/2 inch - Orange
Connectable Ripstop
Nylon MegaTunnel -
3 x 12 feet
Gonge Top
Balance Disk
Little Jumpers
Padded Trampoline -
34" x 34" x 29" - Red
Sportime Yeller Mats -
Rainbow 4 X 8
$129.99 DETAILS > $37.99 DETAILS > $149.99 DETAILS > $109.99 DETAILS > $139.99 DETAILS > $245.99 DETAILS >




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